Transportation Tips

Coming from San Diego to Rosarito is easy by car, bus, route taxis, or one of the yellow taxi cabs. Please see our driving directions page for more info on how to get here.

Bus Service

Unless you have a large group, this is the most affordable option. The main bus service for tourists is Mexicoach, which charges $6 for a round trip ticket between its downtown Tijuana depot and the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Mexicoach can be found at Avenida Revolucion between Calle 6 and Calle 7 or just catch the bus at the parking lot in San Ysidro located on the corner as you get off on the last U.S. exit - Camino de la Plaza. The cost is only $1.00 as of this writing and you can park in the lot at the posted rates. Mexicoach runs four round trips daily, the first bus leaving Tijuana at 11 a.m. and the last bus departing Rosarito at 8 p.m.

Taxi Cabs

Yellow Cabs are in plentiful supply if you walk across the border to Tijuana from San Ysidro. These cabs will charge from $25 to $30 to take a carload to Rosarito. Work out the price with the driver before getting in the cab. Once in Rosarito, you can hire a cab to take you back when you are ready. In Rosarito you can take an Eco Taxi or one of many route taxis constantly going back and forth to and from Tijuana.

Route Taxis

Service from Boulevard Benito Juarez to Tijuana only cost $1 or less, but route taxis are always the slowest and least comfortable means of transportation as they really pack them in with three in the front, four in the middle and three in the back of the station wagon. Rosarito cabs are typically big 1980s Ford and Chevy station wagons.


You can drive by way of the Libre (free road) or the Cuota (toll road). By far the nicest method is the toll road. The toll is currently 24 pesos (about $2.10). The toll road receipt is your insurance receipt should you have an accident while driving on the Cuota. The Cuota also has the "Green Angel" service. They are radio-dispatched Green trucks to help distressed vehicles. There are telephones about every 2 miles. They have gasoline, battery cables, etc.

While driving in downtown Rosarito, the far right lane is not a driving lane. This is for taxi pick ups and a lane to make backing out of parking easier. Do not park where the curb is yellow. You will be towed and the fine is $70 for the towing charge and a four hour ordeal!!!


There are several Pemex Stations in Rosarito. Super unleaded at the moment is $2.40 per gallon. Buy your gasoline in pesos for the best deal as the exchange rate at the gas station is usually not the greatest. and don't let your tank get really low. On some holiday weekends, the demand from tourists causes them to have long lines, especially if a Motor Home Caravan of 100 rigs appear at once, and they do!


You are welcome to bring your animals to Mexico. Mexico does not check registration and shot records, but when you go back north, you may possibly need those records to get your pet(s) back into the U.S. There are no leash laws in Mexico and your pets can enjoy the beach with you. Be sure to inquire if your condominium or hotel will allow pets. There are pet sitters around town, but they really get booked up, so plan early.

Not under any circumstances should you attempt to purchase a "Mexican pretty green parrot" from the street corner and think it would be "cute" to take home. U.S. Customs considers that almost as bad as drugs and has a healthy fine and a 50 year jail term!

Moving your furniture to Baja

Making your move to Baja and bringing your household goods into Mexico has new structure that you should be aware of, because if it is not conducted correctly, you could have to pay duty tax.

You need the FM-3 Mexico document, which is your legal status in Mexico as a foreigner. You need four copies of the following items when you come:

Telephone Bill from the U.S.
Electric Bill from the U.S.
Water Bill from the U.S.
Serial numbers of all electronics and appliances
Complete Inventory list of goods you're bringing in


Measures pertaining to driving

1 Gallon = 3.784 Liters
1 Liter = 0.246 Gallons
1 Liter = 1.060 Quarts
1 Quart = 0.946 Liters
1 Meter = 39.37 Inches
1 Foot = 0.305 Meters
1 Kilometer = 0.6214 Miles
1 Meter = 3.281 Feet
1 Kilometer = 3200.8 Feet
1 Mile = 1.609 Kilometers



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